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We are a group of professionals in the field of International Commercial Arbitration dedicated to promoting and developing arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in the Arab Countries and Worldwide.


Our Vision

To be the best reliable source of online information on arbitration in the Middle East


Our strategic objectives:


  • Promoting arbitration as a more substantive and viable option for resolving disputes;


  • Maintain a forum for communication, networking, and information sharing among members of the arbitration community in Arab countries;


  • To make arbitration and ADR more effective;


  • Assist arbitrators and ADR specialists in the efficient discharge of their duties; 


  • Provide efficient, flexible and impartial administration of dispute resolution proceedings; 


  • To provide a body of competent and experienced arbitrators and ADR specialists; and


  • To facilitate training, conferences, seminars and educational programmes on arbitration to develop and maintain the best professional standards in Arabic countries.


We believe that a wider use of commercial arbitration through fair, expeditious and inexpensive procedures, lends confidence and stability to international trade, commerce and investments in the Arab Countries and  Worldwide.


We believe that individuals and entities doing business with parties from the Arabic Countries should have better help to help them understand the risks they may encounter in this region. They should be aware of the traps and obstacles they may find when they seek to enforce domestic or foreign arbitration awards. 

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