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Lawyer Office

Get help from a specialized support team who have extensive experience gained from practicing in law firms, arbitration institutions and public sector organizations.

During the past years we have gained personal reputation and relationships with practitioners in arbitration and have gained access and trust of people in high government posts.


  • We have the experience required to advise you in the most effective way;

  • Based on our background in various legal subjects, we will be capable of covering a wide range of services that will include:

  1. Provide names of top arbitrators and evaluate their experience in arbitration, so to help you to select credible arbitrators to decide you case;

  2. Provide legal advice on both Ad-Hoc and Institutional Arbitrations in accordance to all the major arbitral rules and national laws;

  3. Provide high quality training on commercial arbitration and various dispute resolution mechanisms by using a combination of  lectures, workshops and case study;


  • We have the experience to help drafting rules and laws relating to dispute resolution procedures and to establish arbitration institutions from the outset. Driven from the extensive scope of our knowledge and our years of experience, we are capable to play a major role to help regulatory authorities to draft arbitration Laws and Rules;


  • Provide advice on drafting an effective and enforceable dispute resolution clause that will reduce any challenge against the dispute resolution clause if a dispute later arises from your agreements;


  • Provide guidance through the many strategic choices you may face in the arbitral process;


  • Devising and developing an easy to use method to follow-up case progress and case deadlines etc., hence creating a more efficient and cost effective system. By reducing the time-spent on case follow-up, more time can be spent on other tasks;


  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each area by determining the best solutions for each area and supervise the implementation of those solutions;


  • Enforcing foreign arbitral awards under the New York Convention;


  • Enforcing arbitral awards and judgments under bilateral and regional treaties, such as, the GCCI and the Arab League treaties concerning enforcement of Judgments and Arbitral Awards between the states members to these treaties;


  • Ability to handle extremely complex matters in almost any legal field that you may encounter;


  • Provide corporate advice to companies and other investors in the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East that are expanding into markets elsewhere in the world;


  • Seeking an emergency court order in respect of related arbitral or litigation proceedings in the Middle East countries;


  • We work closely with front-line lawyers to provide innovative and practical solutions in arbitration procedures and enforcement of national and international arbitral awards;Serving your interests in the GCC and other Arab Countries.

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