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Training Programs

As part of AIA's initiative to expand and develop the Alternative Dispute Resolution industry in the Arab Countries, various training programs and educational initiatives have been conducted. The training courses are presented by a panel of recognized international arbitrators with the aim of examining the arbitration process from start to finish.


In association with the regional Institutes , AIA have conducted extensive trainings for over 100 delegates interested in commercial arbitration. 

We can tailor training programs to match the needs of the delegates in the rejoin, this includes organizing courses in Arabic and English, we also can design the training program by either aadapting an existing program or developing a new one.


we have a long experience in providing training programs to individuals, organizations, institutes and companies.  Our training programs aim at providing the proper guidance for the delegates, on how to better utilize arbitration and gain insights into how arbitrators approach their task. This include information on:


  • ·  Hearing and Managing the Evidence

  • ·  An Approach to Award Writing

  • ·  Award Essentials and Formats

  • ·  Developing a Personal Career Plan

  • ·  Award Writing

  • ·  Interim Awards and Partial Final Awards

  • ·  Remedies

  • ·  Post-Award Process

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