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Arab & International Arbitrators

All information you need to know about Arbitration in the Arab Countries

المحكمون العرب الدوليون

كل ما تحتاجه من معلومات عن التحكيم في الوطن العربي


Welcome to the central office of comprehensive services and all information you need to know on arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards in the Arab speaking world.


The lack of organized resources on the internet has led us to provide on the internet an inclusive source of information to provide you without any cost with information that covers all areas of arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution in the Arab countries.    Whether you are looking to resolve a dispute, select an arbitrator or to enforce a domestic or a foreign arbitral award, you will find the information you need all from the same site.   You can find arbitration laws of Arabic Countries and details about the practice and recognition of arbitration in each Arabic country by selecting the country you desire from a user friendly list. (please visit the - Arab Arbitration Online Guide).


The growth of our network will be a step forward in assisting the development of international commercial arbitration and opening the door for all those entrusted in the field of arbitration to get more information and technical assistant about arbitration in all of Arab countries. However, if there is any information which you need to be made available, please contact us and we shall place you in touch with one of our specialized team members to supply you with the information requested. For suggestions or questions that relate to arbitration or any legal issue in the Middle East, please feel free to  contact us.

UAE AIA Network

The first Arab and International Arbitrators meeting was held in Dubai on 13 March 2013.  Since that date, the AIA organizes meetings and dinners periodically  (every 4-6 months)

The meetings in the United Arab Emirates are held through two groups; the first was established in Dubai in March 2013 and then the second group was formed in Abu Dhabi. Both groups include professionals in ​​international commercial arbitration.


These meetings brought together a group of well-known international arbitrators with the aim of promoting relationship and professional links between international arbitrators practicing in the GCC and other Arab Countries.

As one of the fastest growing dispute resolution mechanisms in the world, arbitration is highly compatible with the fast pace trend of the modern day business world. With its quick and economical qualities, arbitration is the smart choice to solving a wide range of commercial disputes

Interlocking Black Triangles

This Network is intended to give professionals involved in international arbitrations in the UAE and other Arab Countries an exclusive forum to network and share their experience.

AIA offers a range of training courses in commercial arbitration - from introductory to advanced levels 

Comprehensive information about arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards in the Arab Countries.

All arbitration laws in Arab countries will be available on our site with useful reports on the recognition of arbitration and enforcement of awards.

Don’t miss important information about the development of arbitration laws and its practical implications in the Arab countries.

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