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Arbitration in Morocco is governed by the Civil Procedure Law No. 1-74-447 of 28 September 1974, as specifically amended by Law No. 08-05 enacted on 30 November 2007 (“CPL”).

The recent amendment to the CPL has focused on developing the regulation that governs arbitration, which are located under:
• Articles 306 to 327-25 set out the general framework for arbitration;
• Articles 327-26 to 327-38 govern the enforcement of arbitration judgments;
• Articles 327-39 to 327-54 govern international arbitration; and
• Articles 327-55 to 327-69 govern mediation.
These provisions aimed mainly for respecting the parties’ agreement to arbitrate and provide for the recognition of national and international
arbitrationinthe Morocco.
The articles are considered successful in developing arbitration and providing a comprehensive platform for the parties’ agreement to arbitrate.



Date of accession: 12 February 1959.
intoforcefor: 7 June 1959.

"The Government of His Majesty the King of Morocco will apply the Convention to the recognition and enforcement of awards made only in the territory of another Contracting State."

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