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Arbitration in Lebanon is governed by the provisions of the Lebanese Code of Civil Procedure, issued by Decree Law 90/83, which is based on the old French arbitration law (Decrees No. 80-354 of 14 May 1980 and No. 81-500 of 12 May 1981). The Lebanese Code of Civil Procedure was later amended by Law No. 440 dated 29 July 2002. Chapter two of the Lebanese Code of Civil Procedure distinguishes between domestic arbitration and international arbitration, where it deals with domestic arbitration in articles (762 to 808) and international arbitration in articles (809 to 821).
In accordance to Article (809): “Arbitration which is related to international trade interests is considered international arbitration.” Whereas Article 812 refers to domestic arbitration as it provides that:
“the provisions of articles 762 to 792 (relating to domestic arbitration) shall only apply in default of specific agreements and subject to the provisions of articles 810 and 811 (relating to international arbitration)”.



Date of accession: 11 August 1998.
Entry into force for: 9 November 1998.
"The Government of Lebanon declares that it will apply the Convention, on the basis of reciprocity, to the recognition and enforcement of awards made only in the territory of another Contracting State."

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