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Jordan has regulated arbitration since 1953 in Arbitration Law No. (18) which was mainly biased on the English Law.

Currently arbitration is governed by Arbitration Law No. 31 of 2001, published in Official Gazette No. 4496 of 16 July 2001. This law considered to be based on the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration of 1985 (UNCITRAL) as it has followed the Egyptian modification which to the Model Law version.



Date of signature: 10 June 1958. Date of ratification: 15 November 1979.
Entry into force: 13 February 1980.

"The Government of Jordan shall not be bound by any awards which are made by Israel or to which an Israeli is a party."



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Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards in Jordan
By Aseel Ramahi

There are three possible routes to enforce foreign arbitral awards in Jordan. If an award had been given leave for enforcement by the judicial authority of the country where it was made, then the party trying to enforce it must apply to the Jordanian courts under the Enforcement of Foreign Judgements Act, No. 8 of 1952, unless, the award was granted in one of the Member States of the Riyadh Convention. In circumstances that the award has not been given the necessary judicial authority, then the New York Convention will apply.2 It is noteworthy that international treaties and conventions are supreme to national law and are given priority in implementation.... read more


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